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Стихи детям
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Small Readers Celebrate Agnia Barto’s Jubilee

Today is 100th anniversary since the birth of poetess Agnia Barto. Her verses can be referred to as ‘big poetry for small people’. Barto’s birthday is celebrated today in many kindergartens of Russia.

The beginning of Barto’s poetic activity in the 1930s was nearly cut short at once by ideological censorship. Somehow she managed to withstand and bring Soviet realities in tune with talented poetry.

Today her verses are still published, except for those alluding to Soviet cult-heroes, such as Lenin, for example.

Ideology is left behind. Upbringing and obedience remain meaningful. Barto’s verses clearly bring home to children what is good and what is bad. Parents who still bear in mind some of Barto’s lines willingly buy her books for their small kids.

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